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  • Antipasto Premium

    $89 / platter

    A step up from the standard, the premium antipasto platter allows for a great pre dinner e
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  • Antipasto Standard

    $75 / platter

    The antipasto standard platter is a great platter to start off any function for pre nibble
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  • Cheese and Dips

    $85 / platter

    Local and imported cheeses from around the world! - French Normandy Camembert (Mon Pere
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  • Cold Cut Vegetables

    $65 / platter

    Part of our vegetarian menu, this is one of our popular healthy choices!
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  • Cold Meats


    Rolled, cooked, smoked and cured meats! Served with an antipasto middle.
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  • Croissants

    $75 / platter

    Available in the following varieties, as a straight platter of one variety, or a mixture o
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  • Freshly Baked Danish

    $79 / platter

    Cooked to the authentic Danish recipe, our pastries have been constantly complimented as
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  • Desserts – Gourmet Biscuits

    $65 / platter

    25 Hand Made Biscuits direct from our kitchen! Perfect for that corporate morning tea or l
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